Inversion alleviation for stable elastic body simulation

Image credit: Unsplash


In general, it is not easy to simulate an elastic body that undergoes large defor- mations. Especially when its elements are inverted or tangled, that is, when its vertices penetrate its polygons, simulation often fails. In this paper, we propose a simple yet highly effective method for alleviating the inversion problems of elastic bodies. Our experiments made with typical optimization-based solvers demonstrate that the proposed method successfully stabilizes the solvers and produces visually plausible motions. We believe that our method can be widely adopted by a variety of state-of-the-art elastic-body simulators thanks to its simplicity.

In Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA)
JaeHyun Lee
JaeHyun Lee
Master’s degree program

My research interests include Physics Based Animation (PBA) , with a specific focus on deformable bodies. And I’m free to expand my research interest into something related to PBA.